April 28, 2006

Kim & John
Newington, CT

I love Friday weddings! Have I ever told any of you that?? Why you may ask ………cause I still have Saturday and Sunday for me!!!!! Which is not very often now a days with wedding season here and all.

Well last Friday was Kim and John’s wedding at the Indian Hill Country Club in Newington. I was really pleased cause we were able to go on the 1st tee for pictures. This is NEVER allowed unless you have pull. Which apparently the bride did! Yippee!! The day was perfect not a cloud n the sky and quite warm about 65. Everything went very smooth. Below are a few picture of their day.

I love this picture of the bride! She just happened to move her flowers that certain way and click!

As you can tell she was excited to get married!

For more photos visit www.pictage.com!

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