Well Rob and I are back from a very interesting and exciting wedding weekend in Warrenpoint, Ireland!

On Thursday we flew out into Dublin…..took a bus to the train station and took the train about an hour north into Newry. We got off and Aveen and Gaz picked us up. We drove “down the road” …which was really 45 minutes……through the Irish countryside. It was amazing…so much land, fresh clean air and such hospitality. Since there were no hotels very close by Aveen put us up at her brothers house. Thank you Jared and Kathy for taking us in and showing us the Irish ways.

We had such a blast….the families were so nice! What was funny to both Rob and I was that everything was “down the road” or “up the lane”. What that ment was anywhere between 5 to 20 miles away. Ha! thats not down the road. Where we stayed the view was amazing and cows everywhere.

Well anyways there were some interesting tradtions which i will have to post video later of!

One last thing the day was sunny and about 65! And then of course when we went to take pictures it had to rain….it seems like the theme of this year rain and umbrella photos. Oh well!

Below are some shots from Aveen and Gareth (aka Gaz) day!

And as always don’t forget to watch the SLIDESHOW HERE! Just a warning it has about 137 shots for I showed this show the day afterthe wedding at a barbacue they had.

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