October 8, 2003

“I was explaining baseball to a friend and he asked me who my favorite baseball team was.
Two hours later we made a date!”…… Jenn

Jenn and Brian are 2 peas in a pod. Just looking at them when they talk to each other you see
the sparks flying between them. I originally met Jenn a couple of years back when her IDENTICAL
twin sister Christin got married. Now it is Jenn’s turn and could not be more excited to be a part
of Brian and her day!

We all met up in New Haven and started at the green!

The colors were so vivid that day and the weather was perfect!

No matter what these two are laughing and smiling!

This one is one of my FAVORITES!!

See always laughing!

We turned down this side street and saw some stair. I go down the stairs and
BAM found this cool little hidden spot!

and the created this other FAVORITE of mine!

Jenn & Brian I cannot wait for your wedding day!

Oh and thanks for the beer I got the next one!

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