I LOVE seeing my clients grow up!

Olivia just turned 1 this March and her mom Kelly gave me a call to say hey, it’s time for a christmas card shoot!

What perfect time since Olivia just turned 18 months!

Here is Olivia just this March at her 1 year shoot…..

and here is Olivia 8 months later!

This year we decided to go to Lyman Orchards and hit up the pumpkin patch and the apple orchards!

We first started off in the orchards…..

*note it is much easier for an 18 month old to walk down an orchard path then through the pumpkin patch*

I absolutely adore Olivia’s expressions in the next three….

She was showing me her mouth and teeth!

Alittle time with mom and dad….

Little girls need help walking at times….

Mommy time!

So the actual pumpkin patch was to much for Olivia….

Sooooo we went down to Lymans and hung out in there other pumpkin picking spot!

This one is Mom…. Dad… which one?

Dad…Mom….. ready to go I am!

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