It all started on a little snowy mountain called Stratton. He was a snowboard instructor and she was there to ride and have fun with the girls. Their two worlds collided and nothing has been the same since.

Tara & Aaron have had a wind whirl of events happen to them over the past couple of years….. from meeting and rideing together to having the most adorable, precious daughter Skyler!

The day 10.05.08

Rainy in the Am but by 4pm the most beautiful October day! Sunny and clear skies! Cool but warm!

Megan and I started out our day with Tara. She was in such good spirits and all I kept doing was reassuring her that the rain will clear!

We entered Tara’s house and was greeted by the cutest little dog….

Meet Snoop Dog……..

Yes that’s right Snoop Dog!

As I was shooting her details Snoop decided he wanted to part of all the festivies.
He was so curious about all that was going on.

Tara was getting her hair done…..
And what a treat to see the hairdresser was an old high school friend.

Then Skyler awoke and wanted to join in on the fun!

I LOVE this moment between Tara & Skyler

Such a Tara moment….. Love her face… tara is all laughter and fun!

Then it was off to the guys!
Aaron got all the guys belt buckles for a gift and they all wore them
on the wedding day! How cool!

Having some fun!

Getting Married!

This one rememberd me of a Mike Romano specila!

MARRIED!!!! How cute is Tara…. seriously!

The girls doing it up!

The entire wedding party having fun!

Meg caught this awesome view of them hanging out!

And she rocked this one too!

So there was like this one tree and I was like let’s rock it!
Love the colors and totally says fall!

Lastly I have to show you again how adorable Skyler is!
She was playing on the floor and BAM! I got this!

Tara & Aaron thank you for having us be a part of your special day!

Enjoy your slideshow here of your day!

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