Family portraits are so important!

I look back at when I was growing up and noticed my parents have lots of photos of me and my brother but not any of the family. So for the past 2 years I have been on my cousin Brenda’s case about doing a family photo!

So finally I convinced her and off to the beach we went! Brenda and Joey have 4 girls! That’s right 4 girls!

Meet: The Rigano Girls

First Gabbey : Gabriella

Gabbey is the oldest of the 4 being 5 years old!

Second Bri : Brianna
Bri is 4 and loves to smile!

Third Livi: Olivia

Olivia is 3 and full of life! Smiles I call her!

Fourth and last Sophi: Sophia

Sophi is 2 and the baby of the family. She loves to be independant!

The Rigano Kids : Gabbey, Bri, Livi and Sophi
I will say this was a challenage!
To have 4 girls all at different ages and different personalities
and get a memorable moment! What a job! But I enjoyed every minute if it!

Meet Joey and Brenda : Mom and Dad

I thought it was so important to get a photo of the 2 of them.
Joey mentioned they have not had a photo together since their
wedding almost 6 years ago.

Finally The Rigano’s

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