One thing I noticed that I have NOT been doing is blogging about personal stuff!

So one of the blog resolutions for this year is to
blog more about what is going on with me!

So to start the new year off right I want to talk about my
quest for getting fit!

Now some of you may know I was a rhythmic gymnast for
about 12 years of my life starting in elementary school
all the way through freshman year of college… my ankles
and feet just got tired… to put it best.
Here is a couple of pics of what rhythmic gymnastic is…


All those years I trained hard and never thought about eating
right or working out to stay fit. It was just like a job you
just did it.

Well 25 came and so did beer ha! And then 29 and 30 came and
so did a thyroid problem. And well the weight did too! And now
the quest to get it off has been well about a 1.5 year quest!

But the light is at the end of the tunnel! Today i reach 142!

Now the entire reason for this post is about how I got there not
just by eating right… well not all the time my wine calls me at
times and so do my hot wings at Eli’s.

But I do owe it all to my trainer Merle and his gym Crossfit USA!.

You need to google crossfit to really understand it but in the few
short months I have been crossfitting I have noticed a HUGE difference
in my body shape and feel tighter so you def should try it out!

But I am so excited even more for Crossfit USA because they are now offering a BRIDAL BOOTCAMP!

It’s an 6 week amazing bootcamp 3 days a week! So by the time you get
down the aisle you look tight, lean and even more amazing than you do!

I HIGHLY recommend looking into it! But for a short time only
Crossfit USA is offering a $100.00 off the bootcamp!

Just print out the coupon below or mention my site and get $100.00 OFF!!

Now how could you go wrong!

So check it out and tell Merle you know me!

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