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One of my goals for 2009 is to have the chance to shoot
with more fellow photographers. I feel that what better
way to learn and continue to grow than shooting with others!

So a couple of weeks ago when Val
called me up I jumped at the chance to help her out and shoot
with her!

What a day! There was snow on the ground and an amazing feeling
in the air.

Here are a bunch of my favorites form the day!

Because I was the 2nd shooter i decided to play all day!
I pushed myself to shoot out of the box and I have to say
I am going to shoot this way all the time! Just sitting back
and taking it all in…. not rushing!

I love this shot of the bride getting ready!

Ahhhhh when window light comes across your lens… magic!

As usual my fav the shoes!
2 different views!

These next 2 really show her personality!

So Val and I were scouting out spots for photos and we
both spotted this piano! What immediately came to both
our minds was pretty woman! You know that scene in the
bar when she is on top of the piano!

Lastly I love these two photos just so real and a moment in time!

Thanks Val for letting me come and play!
Be sure to check out Val’s photos here!