As I step into the crossfit gym time after time in awe of everyone around me I get anxious, jealous and then determined.

I watch all the girls swing their fit bodies up and down and back again over the pull-up bar. I watch each girl and guy do one pull-up after another as I warm up each time for my workout. I watch and watch and watch time after time hoping to learn some type of technique. After each warm-up I get on the box under the pull-up bar and do some jumping pull-ups. I feel my breathe getting shortened and my arms getting sore but I still don’t have that darn pull-up without the box. I kick the box out from underneath the bar, and i hear a faint voice from across the gym “Come on Nik you can do it!”. I take a look at my torn, sore hands and take a deep breathe. A big jump up and a grab onto the bar! A swing forward, a swing back, another swing forward and up….. come on eyes see over that bar… is what I keep saying to myself. I let go and get determined to see over that bar. I take a deep breathe again,  jump up and grab onto the bar. A swing forward, a swing back, another swing forward and up and …….. eyes what you are over the bar!!!!!!!!!

THAT’S RIGHT I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!    A PULL-UP!!!!!!!!!!!

See I have be so determined for 6 moths to get at least one up and I have!

I jump down with joy and screams and some high fives… yes high fives!!!!!

That feeling of finally accomplishing something you have worked towards for so long!

Moral of the story: If you work hard towards something you will eventually get it!

And because no post is complete without a picture… get what my dove chocolate told me today!



– Nikki Nic

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