My own wedding has come and gone (no worries you will all get to see images soon). These past weeks I keep thinking about how lucky I was to be able to have my 86 year old Nana be at the wedding. For her to see me get married is very meaningful. All I can keep thinking about is how lucky I am to have photographs with her and be able to preserve them in my own heirloom wedding album.

Your wedding album should be considered an heirloom that you will pass along for many generations. I think about how my own mother has just snapshots of her wedding day and how much I treasure those paper prints. To have them preserved in an album would be amazing. One style of album I am considering for our wedding heirloom is the Leather Craftsman Duo Album. This album is handcrafted in New York … yes U.S.A made! You can have either all matted images or a combination of matted and flush mounted pages. It is very classy and timeless.

Below are some images for Heather and Darrell’s wedding in 2010. They just completed their heirloom album and will have for generations to come.

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