“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” –Jim Rohn

Are you taking his last name …. are you keeping your maiden name …. what about your business name …why does your facebook still have your maiden name? I have been hearing these questions over and over since before the wedding. Being 2012 and a business women I have had so much to think about with my last name and other changes. Change can be scary … it can be exciting … it can lead to a new adventure … either way most of us do not like change. We get up every day, have our normal routine and oh my if something does not go right or the way it should we are automatically put into a bad mood. Why is this?

Each day we should be waking up and feeling lucky for what we have and accomplished. We should not complain about what we don’t have, we should go try and make things better. Whether it is a job you dont like or a goal that has not been meet. Either way get up and try something new. It will be scary .. it might even be fun! Who knows until you try.

So what big changes are in store for us here? SO MANY! Recently over the past year I have been working on a new brand for Nikki Nicole Photography! New colors, a new blog and a new logo! Our website is even having a face lift too! We have beautiful letterpress business cards from Coral Pheasant .. who does AMAZING invitation design for all you brides. These cards I am in LOVE with .. thick cream paper … gold foil and sea green type .. OH SO BEAUTIFUL!

Also this year we are expanding our photography services to New Orleans! If you know of anyone looking to get married in New Orleans be sure to share the word on our new location. Of course we are always available for travel anywhere! Starting in a new location is scary and exciting. Of course it is exciting for new inspiration but, also a lot of work on learning about the new area and clients. Scary because it is a new venture in a new area … exciting to see a new location … but change is good and a challenge!

So push yourself … even if it is scary .. things can only get better with change!

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