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To hire an event coordinator or not … that seems to be a very common question among  a lot of my brides at times. A lot of brides think I don’t need help I can do it myself or why do I need someone there the day of the wedding the venue coordinator will help. I thought this to for my own wedding. My thoughts were … I will have a friend help me …. I am in the business I can do this …. and then the ah ha moment four weeks before my wedding .. tears .. tears and stress set in ….. and then came Danielle from NOLA BASH!

Here are my THREE TOP reasons for hiring an event coordinator:

Benefit from their knowledge  – Especially if you are having a destination wedding or not familiar with the area an event coordinator has extensive knowledge on permits the can and cannot do’s; they know the best venues and details that you may not be aware of if you plan your own event.

Gain from their referrals  – A coordinator’s contacts are priceless. From lighting, decor, florists and more. No online searching required! They can help with any permits from your second line parade or recommend the best cake artist!

Stress free wedding day – All the planning and preparation you do, almost every event (especially weddings) encounter an unforeseen hiccup. You don’t want guests aware of any hiccups and you certainly don’t want to appear panicked …. this is when you need a coordinator at your side. You never know if the weather is going to dampen your plans and if it does they can help make the call. Perfect example was on my wedding day it poured and we needed umbrellas and ponchos for guests. Danielle with no hesitation went and took care of things. Everything went off with out a hiccup! Your coordinator can secure your day and help from tracking your flowers down to where is Nana?

There are so many more reasons to have a coordinator … from helping designing your vision, tying up loose ends with vendors and to helping with hotel reservations. You think of it they can help! This is one area I urge all brides to not over look it is money well spent.

With all said above of reasons why to hire a coordinator I would LOVE to introduce Danielle from NOLA BASH! Look her up or if you are curious about her services feel free to give me a call! She was the BEST thing that I hired!