I cannot believe that our little Cecilia Nicole (aka Ceci) was born about 8 weeks ago! It feels like so forever ago but in reality it has only been 8 WEEKS!! Rob and I have been parents for the past four years to our beloved rescue dogs Jax and Peaches … but nothing compares the love we have for Cecilia. The past two months have been a roller coaster of emotions and AMAZING all at the same time. There are times I am sooooo in love with her like the smiley cooing times! And then the times I want to break down and cry. Those would be her colicky afternoons … which seem to hit often. Adjusting and finding a new routine has been a challenge but I have finally gotten into a good one with the help of my mom!


I have learned so many things in the past eight weeks, here are just a few that I like to share:

  • Newborn size clothes are a waste especially when you have a 10lb baby. Good thing I only bought 3 outfits size newborn
  • Peaches is the first to alert us if Ceci is crying or waking in another room .. even before the monitor goes off
  • There are different types of baby cries … the hungry cry, the I’m tired cry and the cranky colicky cry
  • Multi tasking has never been my thing, but now I have become the queen of it!
  • I have a much appreciation for the women that were on the Oregon Trail with babies years and years ago .. (Remember learning about it?)
  • Hello Fresh and the crockpot have become my best friend for meals
  • Get up EARLY before baby gets up to get anything email related done, shower or even just have breakfast in peace
  • ME TIME is very  much appreciated .. even if it is just going to the store for a quick errand by myself
  • My Crossfit Brickyard family is my biggest help when trying to get a workout in … LOVE that everyone pitches in to quite Ceci at times.
  • Baby snuggles are amazing and nothing like it. New mom’s and mom’s to be, be sure to take them all in!!
  • Learning how to just unwind and slow down is important no matter how much you have to do
  • Capture all that you can in photos for this will be her story and to have forever. So glad we hired Iris Photography to capture our newborn session.
  • Always have enough storage on your iphone or phone camera, you never know when you might want to capture a moment via photo or video.
  • Finally … HIRE a cleaning lady …. it is just one less thing you have to worry about and is so nice to have.









I am looking forward to all the trials and tribulations that comes with being a parent. Also I am looking forward to watching Ceci grown into a little girl, but hopefully not too fast.



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