Engagements with Tara & Dave

So this Saturday was a busy weekend of shooting in studio and on location. I did a combination of engagement photos, high school seniors and baby portraits. Tara and David originally wanted to have some headshots done but cause the weather was so nice they asked if we could do some outdoors photos. i said of course but was a little pressed for time for traveling on location far. And I hate that. But then it dawned on me when they arrived to the studio. Down the street from my studio is the ferry and there is such great stuff (i will call it) around the landing. Old buildings, the train tracks and the river. So we headed down there. There were so many interesting spots to shoot at I was having a blast. No to mention Tara and Dave were so coropotive (if thats how you spell it) ha! At one point I had them against rusted fences and in wet leaves. Good sports guys and thanks! So below I choose some of my favs to share and soo n will post the slideshow of them. It was really hard to choose!

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