Nikki Nicole Rinaldi

Dog Lover, Adventure Seeker and CrossFit Junkie …. that is me in a nutshell. I’m a newlywed to the love of my life, mother of two dogs and a CrossFit addict! I grew up in Connecticut and I love to travel – Greece, the Bahamas, Spain, Germany, Italy, England to name a few … but it is New Orleans that is dear to my heart and like a second home. Winter is the season I love the most … there is nothing like waking up on a snowy day and hitting the slopes on my snowboard! I just didn’t stumble into photography – both my grandma’s are artists and have always encouraged the arts. I have my BFA in Graphic Design and Photography,  and before becoming a professional photographer I worked many years for a professional studio. I LOVE my nieces, baking, Sex and the City re-runs, flea markets, chilly fall days and anything chocolate!

Many people have questioned about my name … is it Nikki … is it Nicole …. well it is both! And if I am lucky enough to meet you, just ask me the story behind my name …. it is really silly. Simply said, I am the kind of person that likes to make others happy. I like to surround myself with amazing people and photograph them! It’s as simple as that!

All photos above are courtesy of Tyler and the portrait alone is courtesy of Iris Photography. A big THANK YOU to them for the portraits!