Last Saturday 06.20.08 I had the pleasure of shooting Tricia and Dave’s wedding at the Bond Ballroom.

The Bond is really one of my favorite places to shoot. The large windows, the ambiance and the whole feel to the place is amazing!

I knew going into the wedding one of my favorite florists Datura was going to be doing the flowers. So I was so excited…and just excited about the table pieces alone… you will see why later! When I arrived at Beautique Salon I got even more GIDDY for I saw Janice of Naomi Martinez Salon! I knew now I was in for killer photos….killer makeup + amazing hair and flowers what more could I ask for!

The day started off amazing… good friends and family at the salon and then we headed to get ready.

Here a couple of shots I got of the flower girls at the salon:

They wanted to photograph me ha!

How precious is she!

Thanks to Carla’s post awhile back I knew what to do when you have no place for a dress shot!

These 2 photos really captured me when going through this day. I will just let the photos say what I feel:

I was so excited cause i got some time at the Bond before anyone was up there to photograph Tricia alone! What a blast and the light ahhhhhhh! AMAZING did I mention AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Right after the ceremony we went over to Elizabeth Park and guess who i run into?????? CARLA!!!!! She was out shooting and engagement shoot!!! How Fun!!!!

Okay so as we were doing photos of course the rain storm blew in……but Tricia and Dave said keep going!!!!!!! And we did See the amazing photos we got!!!!!!! Meg and I were soaked but how cares for the photos rocked!!!!!!

So then we left the park and headed to the Bond and the rain stopped! So we went outside to rock a couple more photos!

Here are a few details from Datura Florist!

I did not mention that the center pieces were feathers how cool!!!!! I have NEVER seen anything like this…… LOVED IT!!!!!

And of course their first dance! I love this shot that Meg caught from above!

Well the night went on with great food, drink and music by Tom Conte!

The photobooth we did was also a huge hit…….. and what a surprise I got to see an old friend from high school!!!!! Photos from there to come soon!

Trish and Dave thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day!

Stay in tune for a slideshow and photobooth photos in a couple of days!


Here is the link to Trisha & Dave’s Slideshow!


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