Back in the spring Megan and I went down to the shore for Steph and Nick’s engagement session. It was after that session we knew we would be in for a real treat on the wedding day!

So patiently we wait all summer until 08.1608!!!!!!

The day final came and the two of us were giddy all inside.

Steph and Nick have been together for many years ….. through him going to war and living long distances… they have truly tested their love for each other!

The day started out with Steph at her parents house. I love this one I caught of her getting ready! It reminds me of an oldie:

Detail of her dress

Steph all dressed and ready to get married!!!

And how cute is little Gracie!!!!!!

Then the ceremony……… hold oh……. deep breathe…..hold my tears back… wait here they come………

Just thinking of the ceremony gets me all teary eyed. First the church they got married in Steph’s parent also got married in.
Here is her dad walking her down the aisle he walked down to get married!!!

Then there was one part of the ceremony where the priest read letters that both Steph and Nick had written about each other… and about their love for each other. He had read Nicks first and both Meg and I had the water works going. It was so kind and loving I cannot even begin to tell you! Steph you are surely a lucky girl!

And now WE ARE MARRIED!!!!
This photo reminds me of such a classic shot!

Since Meg and I had done their engagement session earlier in the spring we knew photos would be a cinch!
Steph and Nick are so affectionate with each other and just fall into each other in photos!

Of course the beautiful bride!

Cannot forget our groom!

Some moments during the reception at the Riverhouse!

i do need to put this in. Upcoming brides if you are looking for an amazing reception venue that treats you right def look into the Riverhouse!!!!!

Love Steph reaction during the cake cutting!

There are just soooooo many photos I want to post but then you will be here all day!
So instead I have put together a slideshow here for you to watch!!!!


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