Julie and Hayden are such an adorable couple I do not know where to start.

Julie and Hayden meet through mutual friends in Newport, RI. Their friendship turned into love!

Both of them live in boston but the wedding in just a couple of weeks is in Newport!!!!!

Meg and I drove up a couple of weeks ago to Charlestown, Ma to meet Julie and Hayden.
Before the engagement Julie and I have just exchanged emails and phone calls…. soooo
i was super excited to finally meet the two of them!

We started at the navy ship yard… right down the street from their home.
Meg totally pulled this on off! I love the compostion and the expressions she caught!

I realized while photographing the two of them that when you disappear and hide
Hayden and Julie become so intimate!

After the ship yard we poked around and found this beautiful
shaded, grassy spot.

I love this shot Meg caught! They are just so relaxed!

We found this awesome spot that you could see Boston in the background!

On our way out there were all these anchors of different sizes to play on!

This shot is one of my favorites of the day!
I love Julie’s expression!

Thanks Julie and Hayden for fun that day!

We cannot wait for the clam bake in Newport!!!!!

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