It was spring of 2000 he lived on the 2nd floor and she lived on the third.
They became friends and hung out all the time. She even asked him to help
write a paper on the cold war. They laughed, they cried, they partied!

Now they are engaged!
Meet Kim & Ryan : ENGAGED

Meg and I started our day at Gampel on the Uconn campus. It was slightly raining so it was
a good place to start and warm up.

Ryan kept Laurie laughing and brought out her smiles!

I could not believe it that the gate was open and we could go onto the court!
Never ask just do!!!!!

after a bit we walked around outside.

I think this maybe my favorite of the day with Gampel behind!

We enjoyed the weather

Stopped in front of the old dorm in the Jungle where they met!

and climbed on some walls!

it was a good day!

Laurie & Ryan we cannot wait to phtoograph your wedding we know it is gonna
be a fun day filled with laughs!

Until July enjoy this slideshow here!

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