In the spirit of my own wedding coming up, this Monday is all about a DIY wedding detail. Details at a wedding make such a difference. It adds not only a personal touch but also makes for some amazing photography eye candy!

One of the easiest little personal touch to do is drink flags on paper straws. I found this great little shop on called He Saw Sparks. The designer of this shop made personalized flags in our wedding colors and emailed me the pdf file. I then uploaded the file to Office Depot and had them print the flags. Once I received the paper flags I picked up a ruler and cutting knife and cut out the flag template. There are many sites online you can order your paper straws from in all different colors and even polka dot ones too! Purchase some permanent double sided sticky tape and wrap the flag around the straw … and BAM a personal wedding detail. It took me about maybe 2-4 hours for 150 straws start to finish.

It’s fun simple and a personal touch! Have fun with it and let me see your creation at your wedding! I will show you mine after but for now a sneak peek!

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