Where did the weekend go? I ask myself this over and over a lot … when not photographing a wedding.

After a relaxing weekend the dreaded Monday arrives. We all wake up nice and early, grab a cup of coffee and head into that place called work. Some of us commute far, some close and others sometimes right in your own home. It can be a rough day, it can be a slow starting day, it can be a whatever day … but it is Monday. This Monday I bring you what makes me smile every morning … Jax and Peaches.

A new little photography tool I have gotten to be quite addicted to is Instagram. No Instagram is not a professional camera … yes it is on my iphone indeed. See there are just sometimes I either do not have a camera handy or just see something quick I like to capture .. out comes Instagram. This handy little app gives me a challenge to create a photograph that is art and not a portrait. So this Monday I bring you my art … you can follow me on instagram @nikkinicolephoto



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