We sat on the couch together with coffee in my hands, Jax and Peaches at our feet and the remote to the television system in his hand Sunday morning. Press play, hurry up, I cannot wait to hear what we said, are all the words I said quickly to Rob as he places the video in and hits play. As the music starts and I see our first look come on screen my eyes begin to gloss over and tears come streaming down my face. It hits me … we are MARRIED … we did it after all these years … I hear us say those vows to each other again and remember how important they are. In sickness and in health … to death do us part .. I take you Rob to be my husband. We sit and watch all that happened that day .. the smiles, the laughter, our guests smiling and enjoying themselves. Watching this treasure I turn to Rob and say … this video is so special,I am so glad we have it.

One of the most over looked vendors when planning a wedding is the cinematography … hiring video capture. Lots of clients have said in the past¬† – “Why do we need a video we are only going to watch it once”. As photography is usually booked as one of the first vendors after the wedding date is set and video usually last .. video is another way to capture the emotion of the day. Photography does capture the still motion the events in an artistic view. We capture the expressions, emotions and timeless portraits that are passed on generation after generation. Remember how much you cherish your grandmother’s wedding photo? Why not cherish video too?

Watching my own video over the weekend I did not realize that emotions would be taken over again … tears of joy filled my eyes as I got to hear myself and Rob say our wedding vows. After seeing our photographic imagery on Carla, Tyler, Jane and Amanda’s blogs, video was such a wonderful follow up. To see all my guests emotions and especially our expressions of the day. Until you are the bride and no matter how much you can tell someone your day will go by so fast, you never realize it until the next morning. You wake up as a Mrs. and kind of feel like you are still in a dream. What happened, did I greet all my guests … did everyone have fun …. did we just get married? All these things went through my head. The video is a wonderful way to relive the entire day in real time. It compliments the photography and captures the laughter, the smiles and the voice in real time. It gives us the chance to relive the day with sound. To remember what grandma’s voice sounds like, to remember what dad said to you right before he gives you away … to remember your commitment to each other for a lifetime.

To all my bride’s this year and upcoming consider cinematography. If you need suggestions let me know, but in the mean time this Monday I am excited to share with you my own wedding video. Jim Alteri of Vintage Cinema was part of my wedding day coverage team … he was the cinematography .. he was nothing but AMAZING! Watch our video … see if you get chills or tears .. and then think about the emotions you will get from your own video.




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