Where do I start?

How Julie & Hayden are so cute together you just want to scream LOVE!!!!!!!

Or how the meet in Newport and decided to pledge their love for each other in Newport by the sea.

Or how about we talk about the rainiest day of the year at the most perfect location.

Julie & Hayden had the best spirits about their wedding day. They planned their wedding at an amazing venue called the Eisenhower House in Fort Adams in Newport. Of course the most amazing venue and the rainiest day of the year yet! September 27th to be exact!

When Meg and I arrived we were so excited about this venue. The big old front porch, the amazingly lit 3 seasons porch, and how about the staircase oh my gosh!!!!! I am getting all fluttered with joy talking about this venue again. My photography senses are all excited and stimulated again ha!

Despite the weather Julie was all smiles and excited!

Julie is a simple girl. Everything about her wedding was very classic and simple.

Starting with her shoes. See She originally had these amazing heels but then we were talking and
found out she was having a lawn ceremony. So after a short discussion about thin heels and the
lawn she changed her mind. And instead had the cutest flip flops!

So here is my take on the shoes……..

And Meg’s take……

That amazing 3 seasons porch I was talking about……
The light ahhhhhh!

Then there was this amazing stair case and we carefully got the dress……

As I shot above Meg shot this below!

Julie getting ready

Because this venue had an amazing front porch we did all our groups there!
The girls before the ceremony……

The guys…..

These flower girls were sooooo cute I could of photographed them only all day!

Julie has such an amazing smile it was hard not to catch it!

To get married…..

This photo just takes me back to what it would of been like in the early 1900s

So despite the weather Julie kicked off the flippers and put on her rain boots!
Grabbed some umbrellas and headed down towards the water for photos!

So Julie bought this small umbrella from Burberry… super cute!

Which lead to this photo!

Julie here is your Newport Bridge shot……

If you look REAL HARD you can see it!

That front porch again was amazing!

And their first dance moment Meg caught…. LOVE IT!

Julie & Hayden THANK YOU so much for having Meg and I! I also have to thank you for being so wonderful about taking photos in the rain!

Here is your sneak peek slideshow!

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