MARRIED : 09.19.08

I cannot stop laughing and getting all giddy inside as I go through Marcey & Jay’s wedding!

I met Marcey about 2 years ago when her sister Val was looking for a photographer! Val got
married last October and I met a new brides Marcey! What a better bride than a sister of a past bride!
So over the past couple of years Meg and I have had the pleasure of getting to know two incredible girls!

Okay so last October was Val’s wedding and this September was Marcey’s turn to get MARRIED!!!!!

Meg and I started out our day with the boys! We arrived at Jay and Marcey’s house to find the boys
hanging out and getting ready!

These boys were such a great bunch and totally so much fun to photograph!

Let’s start with Jay!
I was hanging out doing my thing when he stepped into the bathroom! AHHHHHH I said….
stop and hang out Jay I LOVE the LIGHT!
Check it out!

Also getting ready was Jay’s nephew! He was too darn cute! I could not stop photographing him!

Because of the time of the ceremony we did the guys ahead of time!
I love this close up all the guys CRACKING UP!

Now just HANGING!

How about Jay!

Then we headed over to meet up with the girls!
I was having a field day with her shoes and dress! The light was amazing!

Marcey is sooooo expressions! She makes sooooo many expressions I could of photographed her all day!
Here are some while getting ready!

LOVE this one of her laughing!

Oh I almost forgot!
Here at Nikki Nicole Photography we do whatever it takes to get the job done!
This wedding Meg was a personal dress buttoner and dress taper!
Not to mention I was a seamstress to the guys tuxes and sewing on buttons to the tuxes.
We do it all!

Marcey got this amazing old fashion car to take her and her Dad to the church!
Look how amazing Marcey makes the car look! Not to mention how amazing she looks!

Love this shot of her getting out of the car! Yes I know it’s the shoes!

Getting Married!

Meg caught this amazing view during the ceremony!


On to Marcey & Jay time!
Okay there are alot I do have to warn you!
But worth it!
Meg really captured so of the most amazing photos at this wedding!
Below are 2 of hers!

The light went away real fast but what do you do then?
Get out the video light!
I just had to post these three as a series!

LOVED this red door at the Fox Hill Inn!

A little NEON lighting.. as Marcey put it!
My view!

Meg’s view!

First dance!
Mag’s view!

My view!

So now it’s time for the cake and something I have never seen before happened!
Marcey & Jay go to cut the cake with their Vera Wang cake knife! Supposedly solid silver. Well as they are cutting you guessed it the knife breaks!

Marcey turns to me and says “Quote me on the blog…. F*** Vera!”
I could not stop laughing!

The party went on through out the night with entertainment for the JK Band!
They were amazing!
So good they tired out this little guy!

And the band was so good Marcey and Jay danced into the night!

Thanks Marcey & Jay for having us!
Enjoy your slideshow here!

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