My favorite and only niece Kendra is now 6 months!
This little girl really has my heart! Every time I see her
I just melt…. she is the cutest little girl ever! Well
at least I think so!!!!!

So now 3 months later Kendra is sitting up, laughing, giving kisses,
and stealing my heart… watch out Rob!

Here is Kendra 3 months ago:

and here is Kendra at 6 months!!

Mommy put her in the little leopard dress I gave her!
Of course I gave her something leopard!!

As usual Kendra did not want to corporate and had her moments.

I love these next ones Kendra so classic and timeless.

I could not decide whether I liked this one in
Black and White or color….. you decide!

What a personality!

And here is the entire family!

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