Where to start!!!!!!

About a month ago I did a Newborn Model Call ….. which by the way I am still looking for a newborn no more than 7 days old!

Baby D’s mom contacted me and I was so excited for he was 2.5 weeks old at the time of the shoot! I was so excited to photograph him!!!

As all newborn sessions I arrived at baby D’s home and was excited to see how amazing the house light was! And how alert Baby D was!

Just look!


So while he was awake I told mom and dad lets grab a couple with the entire family!  And we caught this moment which I LOVE!!!!!



Soon enough Baby D was into sleepy mode which I LOVE! That’s when I feel with newborns you get to capture there innocence and the precious moment time!


The next two are by far my absolute favorites from the shoot!



What better way to finish off the session but with a tiny feet and rear photo!


Thanks Amy & Sal for letting me in your home and trying out some new things!!!!! I look forward to seeing Baby D in 5 months!

-Nikki Nic

*Side Note: I am still looking for a couple of newborns that are no more than 7 days old! If you or you know someone that might be interested please contact me at 860.436.6937 or via email at for more details.*

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