“We met in 7th grade in 1992. Mark and I were friends all through high school and even hung out with in the same crowd of friends. Then one day something happened … this friendship some how, some day turned into a LOVE for each other … and well here we ENGAGED!” – Creedance


It was the rainiest day of November. When I mean rain, I mean pouring …. like buckets …. like cats and dogs. It was also cold … so frigid your fingers feel like they are going to freeze off. But Creedance & Mark braved it all … all for the love of each other … all to have those amazing engagement photographs. Why have your engagement session in the rain … well why not. You cannot control the weather on your wedding day …. and you cannot control the wedding on your engagement session either.

When I first met Creedance and Mark I noticed something very special about them as a couple. It seemed that no matter what type of day Mark was having Creedance would always get a laugh or smile out of Mark. I knew right away that when it was time for their engagement session we would have a blast together.

We met in Mystic at this old cemetery on the water. A cemetery … YES a cemetery. This location is so beautiful with many nooks and beautiful scenes to capture lifestyle portraits.

See  … you would never know …..


I love the long paths all through out this location ….


As we were braving the rain and walking around I found this magical little spot that we had to climb down this crazy slippery slope and almost landed into the water. I have to say though it was well worth it ….. I think these maybe some of my favorite images from this day!



After sometime in this location we then headed down to the center of Mystic. Mark and Creedance are really interested in all things nautical … so as we drove by I had to stop at this location.


Creedance and Mark thank you for being such good sports on this rainy … rainy day!

I look forward to your wedding in November!

xoxo nikki nic

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