WOOOOO!!!!! Things have been a bit crazy here at Nikki Nicole Photography in the past couple of months!

With all the remodeling for the NEW meeting space … photos coming up soon … and then the new partnership or should I really say new photographer that has come on board with me in the last couple of months … well things have just been a little upside down!

Back in February I had the most amazing experience with Sarah & Tim in Clarksville, TN!

I got to start off the year with one of the most intimate, personal and touching wedding.

Before I flew down to Clarksville … which is right outside of Nashville …. I had asked Sarah a bit about her and Tim’s love for each other.

” The most important part of our wedding day is simply celebrating our love.” – Sarah


The morning of the wedding I meet Sarah and her sister to go to post. For those of you who do not know, post is this mall right on base that carries EVERYTHING you need! From a spa to a general store to a bagel shop! What I did not know was that Fort Campbell is half in Clarksville, TN and half in Kentucky! We started our day at the spa of course so Sarah could get her hair and makeup done.

After the spa, I headed to the Magnolia Inn. The Magnolia Inn is located in the historic neighborhood of Clarksville, Tn. The house was built in the early 1940 and has amazing wooden floors, arches and a staircase to die for! The large windows letting in all the beautiful window light are also amazing! And the most amazing part of the house is the huge magnolia tree in the front … which of course was not in bloom when i was there … talk about a bummer!

Sarah’s son Cavin was so excited! He was so expressive and excited to be a part of the day.

The weather on this day in February was unusually warm … I mean 65 degrees warm! Sooooooo the ceremony was outside on the intimate patio of the Magnolia Inn with all their closest family and friends.

What a moment right after the ceremony outside…

There were so many little nooks at the Inn …. and the time of day was just amazing …..

One event that was very important to Sarah and Tim was having a first dance. And of course while they were having such an intimate moment with each other who else pops up and wants to be a part of it …. CAVIN!

He also had to have a special photo session with me …. I just would not take no for an answer … look how he works it.

Sarah and Tim

Thank you for having me be a part of your special day!

It was such an honor and I wish you the best of luck in the up coming day!

xoxo Nikki Nic

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