It was a year ago on a very snowy morning that you decided to make your entrance into this big scary world. You made a lot of commotion before making your entrance and once you arrived your planned name was scraped. Your daddy took one look at you and instantly fell in love and turned to me and said … what about Cecilia Nicole. With a quick glance down at your big blue eyes I said … yes Ceci is her name.

When everyone says the first year goes by quick they are right. It feels like just yesterday I was trying to make it through colic and getting back in shape. Every minute with this little girl is a blessing and an experience. I am still in awe on how much these little people learn in just one year … from being a sack of potatoes to crawling to walking! It is truly amazing to witness. Since Ceci’s birthday is right in the smack of winter I knew I wanted an indoor location for her portraits. The natural light studio that we photograph at often was the perfect location. I wanted to capture Ceci as she is now .. no direction .. authentic images that I will cherish forever. So I found the perfect neutral girly gold and white outfit  … packed up MY TEDDY BEAR from my childhood and well … captured her as her!


I will be offering a limited number of natural light portrait sessions in the month of March to capture authentic classic portraits. Feel free to contact me for more information at info@nikkinicolephoto.com or 860-436-6937

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