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They meet in a Stamford bar 4 years ago … Victoria and Tyler … you two hold a special place in my heart. In the last 5 years or maybe more Ty has been my right hand second photographer and he is also an amazing animal photographer ( as well. We have shared so many good times, stories and laughs. I was privileged to have him photograph one of the most joyous days for Rob and me … our wedding in New Orleans. Now 3 years later the time has come for me to be able to capture his wedding and memories! To me this is one of the highest honors being asked by another photographer to create their memories for a lifetime … and also A LOT of pressure, but without a doubt I accepted! There was only on condition I had when they asked me to be their photographer and that was Magic had to be apart of their photos!

For Victoria and Tyler’s engagement session they choose their favorite place that they bring Magic to Waveny Park in New Cannan. This park has a beautiful view and walking trails. It was a beautiful place and so large too … bonus part is dogs are allowed! For their session I also decided to bring along my medium format film camera to get back in touch with my photography roots. It sounds funny but when I started photography I learned on film. It was a magical art to capture moments in time and see them get developed, there was so much technical information you had to know and there was no instant gratification. You had to sit and wait by the mailbox till the images on paper appeared. I ask Victoria and Tyler if they were okay with me photographing some of there images on film and an instant YES was said. *All square images, the above first image and the below image are film scans*